Where do we ship from?

All packages are shipped by directly from China, that's why we offer the lowest prices for clients, please be patient to wait for the shipping.

What is the shipping time?

Your order will be shipped within 3 business days that we have your item in our current inventory. When that occurs, you will receive a ship confirmation email. This can take up to 1 business day.

Once you have received your shipping confirmation, the estimated delivery time using international shipping is approximately 7 to 12 business days max. This time may vary with the final destination.

 Countries         Shipping time
United States  7-12 business days
United Kingdom  6-8 business days
France 10-13 business days
Poland 11-13 business days
Netherland 10-13 business days
Germany 10-12 business days
Italy 5-10 business days
Sweden 10-13 business days
Belgium 10-13 business days
Denmark 10-13 business days
Luxembourg 10-13 business days
Portugal 11-14 business days
Spain 8-12 business days
Hungary 10-13 business days
Swiss 8-10 business days
Other countries 10-15 business days

Can i get a tracking number?

Yes, a tracking number is also included on most shipping confirmation emails. This tracking number will allow you to check on the delivery status of your order and it will provide an estimated time for delivery.

Can i choose the fast shipping service?

Yes, the optional standard and fast international shipping when you go to checkout page.